Lobi A No Lostu

Benjamin Fayah & Dwayne Lace

Lyrics by Benjamin Fayah & Dwayne Lace (https://www.dwaynelace.com)

Produced by ERAH

Video directed by Allesio Felix
Supported by Quincy ‘Cutten Edge’ Cairo

Special s/o to Landje for the “Mi n’ai soekoe mama” quote

Leading models: Miryam Ish & Lorainne Berggraaf

Styling: Virginstore, (Reis) Bijenkorf (Rotterdam), Make Up Miracle By Helly and M.A.C.

MUA: Helly Alves & Davin Rosa

Styling Benjamin Fayah: Gorgeous and Rich (Times Mall, Paramaribo)

Hair: Natural Hair Doctor

Releasedatum: 14 August 2020


Benjamin Fayah

Benjamin Fayah

Dwayne Lace

Dwayne Lace