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Who Am I is de eerste single van de reggae-dancehall artiest Benjamin Fayah zijn EP. De producer van WHO AM I is WESTLND. De EP heeft veel verassingen. Benjamin Fayah motiveert en stimuleert met dit nummer de luisteraar om dromen niet op te geven en trots te zijn op zichzelf. De ft op deze track is de getalenteerde Zulile.

Deze prachtige clip is geschoten op Houtuyn Wellness River Resort. Een SPA om heer weg te dromen en bij te komen. Volg hun op facebook en maak vandaag nog een afspraak….

Dank aan:
Surgoed NV
Houttuyn River Resort
Korps Brandweer Suriname
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Lyrics :


Let patience have its perfections

[Verse 1] A journey of a thousand miles
Starts with a step
Live your life to the fullest
My brothers and sisters
Have no regrets (oh..)
Don’t let them know you can’t do ( no, no, no)
Try and you will see
I Yes them, I yes my self
Who am I?
Not to be
I say…

[Chorus] Who am I, Who am I?
Not to be
Who am I, Who am I?
Not to be (2x)

[Verse 2] I could be a doctor
Helping the sick every time
Or I could be a soldier
Fighting on the frontline (Eh)
Or I could be a judge
When my hammer comes down
My hammer comes down
It will be… It will be…
For equal rights and justice for we

For we are one
One tree
So many leaves
One river
So many creeks
Still they lead to sea

[Chorus] Who am I, Who am I?
Not to be…
Who am I, Who am I?
Not to be… (2x)

[Verse 3] Who am I?
Is not a question
It’s a statement
I am the sketch of ancient architects
The builder of inner nations
On the road for success
I… I am dream, struggle, motivation, patience and inspiration
Conquering fear in my empowerment
Eye imperfections make eye perfect to be
My foundation
Love, my wisdom
So who am I?
Not to be

[Chorus] Who am I, Who am I
Not to be
Who am I, Who am I
Not to be (2x)

Who am I, Who am I
Not to be
Who am I, Who am I
Not to be (2x)

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Releasedatum: 2 November 2016


Benjamin Fayah

Benjamin Fayah